Confusion: friend or foe?

In days gone by, the watchman on the wall would keep a vigilant eye out for all comers who may endanger the inhabitants within the safe confines of the wall surrounding the city.  He would sound the alarm if an enemy approached.  He would ask, essentially, “Who goes there, friend or foe?” if he did not know the identity and the intent of a stranger.

Whereas the city wall has long since been replaced by other defensive measures, the need for a watchman on the wall remains.  This is one of the primary responsibilities of national leaders and national armies.

Our national leader seems confused about who is our friend and who is our foe.  Israel is not our foe, they are our friend.  Iran is not our friend, they are our foe.  Yet the administration’s policies and decisions reflect the opposite.

As the article linked insinuates, who in their right mind would trust this nation.  They would more rightly think, “With friends like this, who needs enemies?”

The Lord is not the author of confusion, He is the God of order.  Confusion comes from our enemy.


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