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A euphemism is a word that covers or clouds the plain meaning of another word, a word some might consider too harsh, direct, or offensive.  Therefore, euphemisms can be diplomatically deceiving.

Euphemisms in today’s Christianity are “positive” and “relevant.”  Both have man-centered meanings to cover the offense of the Gospel  (the Cross, sin, repentance, judgment).

Man thinks the Bible’s presentation of our no-good sin nature, the unavoidable and painful consequences of sin,  and God’s demand for a sacrifice and repentance for the offenses committed against Him are negative.  Yet these truths are necessary to receive the positives of forgiveness, reconciliation, salvation, and eternal life in Christ.  The entire (negatives and positives) Gospel is Good News.  Only in the entire Gospel is there life-saving and life-changing power.  To present the “positive” without the “negative” is deceiving and disingenuous.

Finite and fragile man thinks what he thinks is important is “relevant.”  However, what the Infinite and Almighty God thinks is important is “relevant.”  The Word of God, the entire counsel of God, is relevant for all men of all cultures in all ages.  Not so much as one word of the Word of God should fall to the ground by man judging it to be irrelevant.

Catering to man rather than faithfully serving God and trembling at the Word of God,  so much of today’s Christianity has “missed the mark” when it comes to “positive” and “relevant.”


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