False Prophet: The God of the Bible is not the god of the Koran

During the last 7 years of man’s reign on earth  (The Day of the Lord, the 70th Week of Daniel), a counterfeit trinity deceives the nations and the inhabitants of the earth:  counterfeit father (Satan), counterfeit son (Antichrist), counterfeit spirit  (false prophet of the Antichrist) that the Word of God describes as “beasts”  (Revelation 13).

That 7 year period, chronicled in Revelation 6-19, starts with a 7 year (false) peace treaty with Israel negotiated and enforced by the Antichrist (Daniel 9:24-27).  Israel will be allowed to build a Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, site of the Dome of the Rock, without starting “World War III” with the Muslim nations.  The false prophet will bear witness of the counterfeit son, causing the inhabitants of the world to worship him as god, which has been Satan’s stated objective since the Garden of Eden  (Isaiah 14:12-17,  Matthew 4:1-11).  A global ecumenical movement will have to be entrenched for this to happen.

One of every six inhabitants of the world look to the Vatican in Rome for spiritual leadership.  One of every six inhabitants of the world look to Mohammed and the Koran for spiritual leadership.  The Roman Catholic Church and Islam must be on peaceful terms if the global ecumenical movement is to come into being;  the two religions have been getting closer to each other in recent years and that ecumenical process has been accelerated by the current Pope.

Keep your eyes on Israel.  Keep your eyes on the Roman Catholic Church.  News headlines will make more sense when read through the “lens” of Scripture.


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