The Incarnation: What happened?

Something happened about 2,000 years ago that had never happened before.  Something so simple that it went unnoticed by nearly all, yet something so profound that it changed everything forever.  It changed the course of history.  In fact, it enlightened and clarified all history.  What happened?

Light set aside His glory – so the blind could see the Light.

Love was given – so enemies could be made friends.

Eternity stepped into time – so the old things could become new things.

The Potter became a pot – so the cracked pots could be made whole.

The Master became a servant – so the slaves could be set free.

The Rich became poor – so the poor could become rich.

The Word of God became flesh – to show the lost the way home.

Spirit took on flesh – so flesh could receive the Spirit.

The Shepherd became a Lamb – so the lost sheep could be found.

God became a Man – so men could become the children of God.

The Incarnation of Jesus Christ happened.  And the world has not been the same since!


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